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Royal Wedding & Events at The Raj Palace


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At The Raj Palace we have recognized the needs for different decoration for different occasions and if the occasion is a wedding then lighting and decoration takes a front seat as one can't think of a wedding and other ceremonies of wedding without light and color or without pomp and show.

We assure you the best lighting and decoration for your entire function/ ceremonies. You can choose from our options and we'll create it for you and we can even create a theme on your choice.

For Functions creating an ambience requires skilled lighting effects to create a atmosphere as one can have a different venue effect by different lighting methods

Lighting can make a small place look big and a Big place look small , it can make a function emotional, romantic or happening, like a reception stage would need theatrical lighting , Building etc would need architectural enhancement effects with flood and ferry lighting, the ring or Var Mala ceremony would need follow lighting and buffets and decorative would need sculptural lighting effects also the entrances and hall ways require tunnel and carpet lighting with template design effects, the live projection and LCD can make the whole function interactive and entertaining , the ceilings can be given starry effect, the Dance floor and entertainment would need spl dynamic lighting and smoke effects actually a intelligent and professional lighting sets the tone for the whole event. And it can be a more affordable way to create the right environment than elaborate decoration.

There are loads of options. Here are a few to get you started:

Chandeliers are traditional. Use chandeliers for a completely classic look

Colored lighting can set the mood and theme ,soft washes of color across the walls or wherever you would like them. Majenta , clear , Pinks and yellows are gentle and flattering; blue can be striking and contemporary.

Candles are romantic and pretty. Popular ideas include alter candles raised high as table centerpieces, surrounded by flowers; or little tea-lights floating in bowls of water.

Twinkle lights, though very popular, do create a magical atmosphere.

LED lighting technology has come on and sophisticated effects are affordable. Projecting light shapes on the walls is another option.

Hanging lanterns are popular. White or coloured, they are pretty, affordable and still unusual enough to create a decorative statement. You can hang flowers or swathes of fabric alongside.

Mashal Lighting to create old vintage classy look

Parken Lights used for focussed lighting

Strobe lights for dance floor and life effects

Laser lights for creating magical effects 3D effects

Halogen lights for simple flood lighting

Many other spl lights are also used as per the need of the occassion

Our experts can specially create lighting themes based on your requirement or you can choose from our resource library based on past lighting samples.

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Just dream of a Royal wedding and leave on us to convert your dream into reality as your dream is our pleasure.

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