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Royal Wedding & Events at The Raj Palace


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From the time of Kings and queens till date man has used his travel in public as a first symbol of his status The kings, Queens, Rich and nobility would travel with a regalia of Army and entertainers that would provide them security and entertainment they would use the best of Animal driven buggies Made of silver and gold and using best of cloth and brocade . This saw a change in the modern times with the advent of automobiles even today the Rich and famous travel with a motorcade secured by Army and have the best entertainment system installed in these vehicles.

The modern world has replaced the old tradition but the Lawazama agency has maintained and preserved the old Animal ornaments, Royal Chatter ( umbrella with gold embroidery and studded with stones and ornamentations ) Buggies, Army dresses , Old entertainers, and armoury and props of these royal processions and the same are available to recreate the Royal past and with the help of these services the Wedding processions in India are able to recreate the true Royal era and our Lawazama services help to provide these for the guest .

May it be the arrival of Baratis, Bride or Groom a Royal welcome theme is recreated , For wedding a elaborate wedding procession is planned and created with Bands, Men with Mashal, ladies carrying lanters, Animals including Elephants, Elephants with royal Seat and buggies, Dressed Camels, Horses with Man with Flags, Marching Chob Dars, Drummers, Musicians, Bands, Dancers, mobile flower canopies , perfume sprays, Fireworks , Palanquinn etc.

For see-off of Bride a Doli (palanquin) lead by dressed man carrying her on their shoulders lead by Musicians and dancers creates a magical atmosphere which is a lifetime experience.

Animals, Animal Dresses, character dresses, Royal buggy, wedding band, different musician accompanying the processions, Royal welcome and processions arrangements have been a big attraction of all royal functions in India as the Animals depicted the power's of the kingdom as the strength of the kingdom was gauged by the Army it would maintain and the Animals like Elephants, Camels , Horses , Ox etc would tell the size and strength of the army.

The old epic of Shiv Puran also has a beautiful narration of the Royal procession that Lord Shiva took for his wedding and it has one of the oldest written description of what the procession looked like.

Since ancient times this ritual has been the important ritual during the Welcome of any special guest, wedding processions or Doli procession and in today's time the same has been mixed with the modern technology as the Procession uses Electric Lamps in place of Oil lamps or Mashals, the Doli is carried for a shorter distance to a Decorated car and electric controlled fire works have enhanced the effect of these processions.

We have a full service Lawazama Back up where we arrange the Rented Animals , Carts, Buggy, wedding Doli (palanquin), character Dresses etc.

The Animals are also used for Game of Elephant Polo, Horse Polo or Camel Polo.

The Lawazama makes the grandeur of the event a true Royal celebration and is still used the world over May it be wedding in any religion, culture or faith.

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Just dream of a Royal wedding and leave on us to convert your dream into reality as your dream is our pleasure.

Home Explore Raj Palace Wedding & Social Celebrations Bookings Accommodation Honeymoon Suites